Tuesday, September 9, 2014

young goodman brown?

Given what I learned yesterday about your experiences in reading American Literature, I'm leaning toward spending some time on "Young Goodman Brown" with you this week because: a) it's WAY more accessible than Beowulf & gives us a piece of literature to chew on without learning a new language; and b) I've always liked it, but felt like an English teacher/geek about that fact until I wrote the essay below for my American Literature students this past weekend.  That's when I read the Wikipedia entry about it and learned that Stephen King called it "one of the 10 best stories written by an American."


What do you say?

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  1. I liked the reference to the staff that the Egyptians used against Moses in the book of Exodus, this clearly associates the staff that the shady man gave Goody Cloyse with evil. I wish I would have learned that by analyzing the effort a teacher puts into teaching, I would be able to easily see how much effort is required of me in that particular class.