Tuesday, September 23, 2014

september 23

Choose your own.  Relate it to the course or don't.  Take the opportunity to go all Montaigne and express your thoughts as they occur.

1. Journal
2. Working in a group of 3-5, select one of the Canterbury Tales & begin a character analysis.  Describe Chaucer's approach to characterization (direct? indirect? both? when/why?).  Describe Chaucer's tone with specific regard to the character's station in life, words/deeds, and integrity.  Describe Chaucer's use of humor.  Comment on anything else you find worthy of comment.  You may choose to divide the group into roles for these purpose, or everyone can hunt for everything as you read.

1. In a post entitled CANTERBURY TALES (II): WHAT A CHARACTER! please transcribe your written notes on your course blog.

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