Thursday, September 4, 2014

where is there a list of all the assignments we're supposed to have on our blogs?

Unless you go through all the posts here on the course blog, there isn't one.  But there could be.

Several students have asked if they can create a resource like last year's Random Absence Mentoring blog, which was designed by Lisa Malins and friends as a way to distill the essentials and stay organized as life got more hectic during the semester.

My answer: DO IT!!!

How cool would it be for you to have an easy reference like this:

 With a list of assignments like this:
All you need to do is say, "I'm in" and we'll have a lunch meeting for those people who want to set it up.  I'll help create it, and Lisa may be available too.


  1. I'm interested in starting something similar to the Random Absence Mentoring blog. I would love to create a system that is more efficient for people to get assignments, and not just for this class either! A lot of us are in the same classes and it would be helpful to have one place where we can all collaborate on all assignments for all classes.