Wednesday, September 17, 2014

september 17

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["You Learn" by Alanis Morissette; "Education" by Pearl Jam; "Think" by James Brown]

President Roosevelt visited nonagenarian Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in the hospital and was surprised to discover Justice Holmes reading a book on Greek grammar. "Why are you reading Greek grammar?" the president asked. "To improve my mind," the justice replied. Many students rightly want to get out of school, but mistakenly believe that their learning ends when they drop out or graduate. What is the difference between learning and schooling?  What is the value of learning in your life? How long do you plan to keep it up?

1. Journal
2. Big Questions & Masterpieces
3. Vocab/lit analysis/think time/one-to-one meetings

1. Vocab
2. If you haven't already, please post your Big Question
3. Reflect on your Masterpiece.  Post when ready (MY MASTERPIECE 1).  This can change over time, so start dreaming now.  

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