Wednesday, September 3, 2014

september 3

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "History Lesson" by Dave Grusin; "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones; "History Lesson-Part II" (slightly abridged) by the Minutemen]

As George Santayana and Edmund Burke (among others) have observed, those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it. However, our culture focuses on the modern, the "new and improved." In this day and age, is there a point to looking backward? Why bother studying the etymology of words and the history of language? How can understanding the past help us prepare for (or even shape) the future?

1. Journal
2. Old English & Beowulf wrap-up; essay prompt brainstorm
3. Vocab
4. Literature analysis #1 status

1. Vocab vocab vocab
2. Find a scholarship worth applying for and report on the scholarship (or the temporary futility of your search) in a blog post entitled WILL STUDY FOR FOOD.  In the post, explain what you need scholarship $ for and how much you hope/intend to earn.  If you haven't yet, this is a good time to start analyzing costs of school and living in order to determine where to set your fundraising bar. 

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