Wednesday, September 3, 2014

how do I embed a video?

There are a variety of ways to embed videos on your blog, and-- since I am an expert in none of them-- here are two strategies I hope will help:

1. Find a blogger in the Member Blogs who has figured it out and ask him/her how;
2. If you are one of those people who has succeeded, please share your method in a comment below.


  1. The way I do it is upload my video from my phone to my YouTube channel, which is the same google account as blogger, then retrieve it from there. I can help if you have questions. I'm hoping that I answered the right question

  2. From using the mighty search engine Google, I followed a method on embedding a video. I also have instructions and the link on how to do so on my blog, so check it out for anyone who wants to know how. Below is my post for instructions.

    And I'm pretty sure this can apply for both computer and mobile because copy and paste is pretty simple.