Thursday, September 25, 2014

september 24-26

First, I apologize for not posting yesterday.  I wound up having to spend most of the day with an MRI machine and a guy named Bob. 

The sub told me you all worked well anyway, so it turned out to be a good use case for the idea that you are perfectly capable of driving your own learning bus.  The sub also told me that you are awesome.  I agree.  I hope you picked something interesting to write about in your journal.  The topic for 9/24 is officially "Choose Your Own."

Here's the plan for today and tomorrow:

Please write in your journal in the voice of the character you invented for yourself in Monday's homework.

Please use your journal and your time in class to begin chronicling your character's adventure.  "What adventure?" you ask.  I have no idea-- it's your character.  But your character will be going on an adventure, and here are the initial criteria: 1. The character has to be called to adventure, this is not something s/he is seeking; 2. The adventure must be thrilling/challenging but not necessarily desirable; 3. The character must prepare and leave home with what's on his/her back (which may include a bag of stuff); 4. The character's departure must be vividly described; and 5. The character must meet up with at least one other character from class by Friday. 

You don't need to post any of this to your course blog yet, although you are welcome to as always, but you will need this material over the weekend, so please take your journals home with you on Friday.

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