Friday, September 19, 2014

please comment to big questions post

This weekend please remember to post your Big Question as a comment to the Big Question post so that I can share your Big Question with some pretty amazing people who have explored Big Questions of their own and like to meet and collaborate with people who have Big Questions.  If you need the Big Questions link you can find it here: Big Questions.

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  1. I already commented, but I changed my Big Question to this one...
    "How is dance a language of its own?" Dance is a language of movement that communicates through expression as a physical art. The vast majority defines language solely as a form of verbal communication with a written language which is not absolute. Language is communication whether it be through verbal communication, hand gestures for the mute, vibrations from music for the deaf, the physical movement of dance, etc.. My masterpiece is to open society's eyes to the ability to communicate through dance. While there are several languages that span across the globe, there are several genres and languages of dance. For example, Mexico is known for their Folklorico and Salsa dance while America is a symbol of Contemporary and Modern dance. Each country has its own style of dance to use as a language of self expression just like verbal language varies from country to country. My main focus is to depict the elements that make dance a language and prove through written words and physical movement, that dance is a language of its own.