Thursday, September 4, 2014

september 4

JOURNAL TOPIC: ("Face Value" by Phil Collins; "Shock Value" by Timbaland)
When you say something is "valuable" what exactly do you mean? Do you define value in terms of money?  Emotion?  Scarcity?  What the marketplace thinks?  Or do you have a different standard? What is the value of your work in school?  What is the value of this moment and the thinking/writing you're doing right now?  (*Bonus question: Does it seem ridiculous or legitimate to compare your bildungsroman/hero's journey to Beowulf's exploits?  Why/not?)

1. Journal
2. Review vocabulary definitions & usage
3. Discuss Beowulf essay topics & writing strategies

1. Vocab vocab vocab
2. Schedule your work so as to finish Lit Analysis #1 by Monday, September 15

**Looking forward to seeing you & meeting important people in your lives this evening.**

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