Tuesday, September 16, 2014

september 16

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Hello, I Love You," "Love Her Madly" & "Love Me Two Times" by The Doors]

Reification is rendering or considering an abstract concept as if it were concrete, or an inanimate object as if it were living.  Our discussions of theme frequently revolve around abstract concepts (love, death, or God, e.g.) that authors reify through literary techniques.  This morning I'm thinking back on Bukowski's "Laughing Heart" and how it communicates abstract, complicated ideas (inspiration, risk, independence, fulfillment, the meaning of life) in just a few lines.  How is it possible for something this short to convey as much meaning as a 700-page novel?  Describe the techniques Bukowski uses as you remember them. 

1. Journal
2. Wrap up discussion of thesis (& revisit your Beowulf essay to improve)
3. Evaluation/feedback
4. Vocab/begin one-to-one conversations

1. Since you weren't allowed to return the textbooks, let's take advantage of them one more time.  (I mean "one more time" literally.  Unless one of you sees something else of value, I won't mention them again, so please remember to turn them in when the library allows so you don't get charged at the end of the year.)  By Friday 9.19, please read the section on Bede (pp.74-82) & the Prologue to Canterbury Tales (pp.90-115).  Please take active reading notes on your blog or on paper, whichever helps you learn/remember most effectively.  (*If you take them on paper, please post highlights to your blog and offer to share the paper version with your colleagues.)
2. Nostalgia: in the past, I assigned an application packet (resume, personal statement,  >2 letters of rec) and made it due this week or next.  If this helps motivate you, do it.  If it's an added source of unhelpful pressure--and if you pinky swear me and your parents that you will get started on these elements this week--you don't have to turn anything in.  Please be aware that I reserve the right to bug you about this stuff until I'm satisfied that you've put yourself in a position to succeed, or until application season is over, or until you've graduated from college...
3. Find & begin book for Literature Analysis #2.  Please comment to the sign-up posts and bring to class on Thursday, 9.18.

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