Wednesday, October 8, 2014

october 8

(*Eyebrow of the Day: Alec)

Listen to the ambient sounds in the room around you.  What story do they tell?

1. Journal
2. Table Tales

Guiding Questions:
1. What Tale did you choose?  Why?  What appealed to you?
2. Describe the main character.
3. How do Chaucer's choices in diction and syntax create the tone of this Tale?
4. How does Chaucer characterize the protagonist (both in content and technique)?
5. What storytelling genre does this Tale represent?  Why?
6. How do the characterizations and events in this Tale represent the larger theme/s &/or purpose/s of Canterbury Tales?
7. How would you change/improve the Tale if you could?
8. How would the Tale be different if the career, or SES, or gender of the title character were different?
9. As you analyze the Tale, what ideas or writing techniques make it especially effective in conveying its message?
10. How can you use any of the techniques you read to improve your own writing?

1. Use your notes from your table conversation to outline the body of your essay (based on your thesis statement from last night), entitled: CANTERBURY OUTLINE

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