Monday, October 27, 2014

october 27-29

Happy Monday.

It looks like the link I posted on Friday to the forums was broken, so here it is again:

If the problem is a log-in thing, please register/log in and follow the threads so you can post your group's ideas.

I will be at a conference today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, so please feel free to use the time in class for your group project, for "To be..." & for Hamlet in general, for literature analysis work, and (lastly, after all that other stuff is done to your satisfaction) any other school/college stuff on your plate.  Wednesday Mrs. Dirkes will be in class to help with applications and admissions/scholarship questions.

Please also write in your journal each day.  The topics are up to you, as long as they're interesting enough to require at least half a page.  If you have ideas for interesting topics that you'd like to offer others and/or discuss, please include them in a comment to this post.  If you get stuck (on anything) and/or need suggestions please email.

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