Friday, October 31, 2014

october 31

Happy Halloween, everyone.  Be safe out there.  Dr. Preston will be back Monday.

Halloween traditions began as a way of "using humor and ridicule to confront the power of death."  Why do we make fun of things we fear?  How does this help us cope?  When is using humor to deal with serious issues a positive strategy, and when does it backfire?  Have you seen any evidence of humor as a coping strategy in Hamlet?  (*yes, you have :)  Was it effective for the characters and/or the audience?

1. Journal
2. Deliver your presentations on Acts I & II.  Use your school ID/password to log into the teacher computer-- the screen remote is in the top center drawer of the teacher's desk.  Please take notes on the presentations that summarize:
  • Information that validates/confirms what you already thought you knew
  • Information that challenges/contradicts what you already thought you knew
  • Information that was brand new
  • A presentation style (use of media, speaking tactic, classroom interaction) that helped you "get" something you hadn't previously gotten

1. Please finish posting these notes to your course blog
2. Please post your video recital of "To be or not to be..." (and be ready for random selections next week in class) 

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