Friday, October 17, 2014

good thinking

Yesterday we had some very important conversations in class, and I'd like to build on them here.

First: We will devote some time in class to college applications.  Like, actually doing them.  So bring your laptops/tablets/materials next Wednesday to start.

Second: We will dedicate some time in class to technology.  This was fairly broad, and I'm not exactly sure who needs what, so please comment to this post with your ideas about what we need to share information about (blogs, social media, photography/audio/video) and we'll build a schedule.

Third: When Marie Antoinette said it, she meant it dismissively.  When we say it, we mean it with love.  So, from now on, every Wednesday, "Let them eat cake."  You will collaborate with a team of 2-4 people, you will video the bake, you will curate the experience on your course blog, and you will raise each others' blood sugar for a few enjoyable moments while we wade through the rest of our experiences together.


  1. For topic #2, I'll set up a OPSL Tech Talk (Or whatever the name the group wants) Blog. I'll provide the email and password for everyone to input tech stuff info and this only available to the 2015 OPSL group, all information found in the forums.

    In addition, I posted a Sphinx topic found exclusively in the OPSL forums as well, so check that out too.

  2. Here's a great website for computers in general:

    The topics range from basic computer hardware to the grit of technology in general.