Thursday, October 30, 2014

october 30

This week I was asked to join other SMJUHSD administrators, faculty, counselors, and Santa Maria community leaders at an event promoting Cultural Proficiency at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.  The event was extremely well-done and I learned a lot-- I'll be posting more on it later.  We met Monday and Tuesday, and I hoped to be back in class Wednesday.  

Then I got sick.  You all know me as a positive person, and I am keenly aware of my responsibilities as a role model, so I'll choose my words carefully: Sick Sucks.  We have a lot going on, it's the end of the grading period, and I want to be in class with you.

However, after being called a hypocrite once already this year (for not getting enough sleep while telling students to get more sleep), I don't want to risk getting worse and missing more school, or--worse-- get any of you sick.  So, after an achy, fever-y, throat burning night, I decided to give this another day and I hope to be back tomorrow.

Since you have a soliloquy due today, please arrange yourselves in groups of 2-3 and ask one member to capture your recital on his/her phone.  Hopefully at least one of you will know how to get the video from your phone to your blog so you can post it by tomorrow.  If not, please collaborate with other groups or talk about this as a class so that everyone leaves with a solution-- even if that requires asking someone else to post it (did you know you can invite others to author to your blog?).

Some of you have asked for more time to work on your Act II presentations.  After you finish your journal and your soliloquy recital, take the opportunity.  I'll make a game-time decision tomorrow morning, hopefully I'll see you in 24 hours!

Have a great day,
Dr. Preston

Now that you've mastered the famous "To be or not to be" soliloquy from Hamlet, explain what it means.

1. Journal
2. Soliloquy videos
3. Act II presentation work (if necessary)

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