Friday, October 31, 2014

an object lesson in open source learning

Imanie Tweeted (and maybe since deleted, since I don't see it anymore) to ask if I was challenging you by asking you to use a computer in class without providing one.  Here is the rest of the conversation:

Now, consider my last Tweet-- and this blog post.  By remixing our conversation in a medium that I could share with all students (I could've also included #dplitcomp in my Tweet), I'm sharing the benefit with everyone who needs this information but may not have seen Imanie's Tweets or my replies.

Apply this to the work you're doing today.  Lots of people (billions, including me) can't be in class to see your presentations.  So, the more you curate about them on your blog-- by writing and by including media such as video and pictures-- the more you bring your audience into your experience and your understanding.  Doing this creates value.  Put yourself in my sick shoes: being able to see and understand more about what happened in class makes me value your thinking, your authorship/blog, and your work product all the more.  Maybe I'll even learn a thing or two about Hamlet!

Hope the day goes well.

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