Thursday, March 12, 2015

masterpiece prep

In order to make the most efficient use of the next Masterpiece Consultation, please consider the following questions and make a list of anything else you don't want to forget.  Looking forward to the conversations!

  1. What is your intended outcome?  Who will benefit besides you?
  2. How will present your process, findings, and/or results?  How will your method of presenting create value for your audience/community?
  3. How much of a plan do you currently have, and how much do you need?  What "next steps" or routines are you currently engaged with, and what do we need to create so that you feel like you're making the sort of progress that will enable you to end your high school career with a smashing success?
  4. If you're not already monitoring your own performance, what systems/structures do you need so that you can sustain your momentum and achieve your goals without someone else nagging you?
  5. The "Masterpiece Academy" will begin on May 11 (the week after the AP exam).  Please let me know if you need help creating a workflow calendar that will get you where you want to go by then.

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