Friday, March 20, 2015

learning conversations

Today Imanie proposed a verbal journal via table conversation .  My first reaction was to ask whether there would be a written version.  She said no.  And she was absolutely right.  As students read her agenda on the screen, Elizabeth commented, "This is great! I always write these great ideas in my journal and we never get to talk about them!"

I learned a lot by listening to students exchange ideas about generational differences in the experience of childhood, why girls have it harder than boys, the movie Insurgent, online dating, and pickles.  Watching everyone practice the art of conversation was inspiring.  There were constructive disagreements, moments of profound realization, and some extreme belly laughs (if you're a chair, please watch out for Annie).  Most importantly, everyone learned.

Since we don't have journals to remember the day by, and the conversations turned out so well, please comment here with recollections from your table and let's continue the dialogue here.  Have a great weekend!

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