Tuesday, March 10, 2015

march 9/10

As a class, write a test for BRAVE NEW WORLD.  What is important for you to demonstrate you know?  Consult the AP resources on the course blog if you need ideas for content or question structure/style.

Please publish your questions as comments to this post.  Test tomorrow (Wednesday).


  1. Period 5

    1) State 1 theme you see in "Brave New World" and explain why or how it is a theme.

    2) List 2 lit techniques and explain how they contribute to the theme you stated in the previous question.

    3) Describe the role of technology in Brave New World's society with evidence from the text.

    4) What role does "soma" play in "Brave New World" and is there anything that plays a similar role in our society? If so, give an example and if not, explain why.

    5) What other type of society whether it is fictional/real, future/past, can be considered a utopia and how does it compare to Huxley's?

    6) Give one example of irony from the story and explain how Huxley's use of irony helps the theme of the story.

    7) What are some differences and similarities between their religion (Ford) and our religion today? How do these differences/similarities contribute to the story?

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  3. A few of us students( me, Marcel, Erica, and Jayce)collaborated on these questions.
    1. Is the brave new world's atmosphere like allegory of the cave or western empirical regime?(Marcel's question)
    2. What motifs influence social conformity?
    3. What does Mustapha Mond say to the students that shocks them?
    4. What is the motto of the brave new world? How does it relate to the novel?
    5. Compare and contrast Helmholtz and Bernard.
    6. How is efficiency used in the brave new world?
    7. What role does ignorance play?
    8. Compare this novel to another utopian/dystopian novel

  4. Why does Huxley not mention John's name as John as much as the names "Savage" and "he"? What can you imply by the difference in syntax and diction that these names are used?