Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20

Tunes: courtesy of Judith: Sugar- Maroon 5


Today we will be doing an oral journal within the groups you are seated in. Hopefully your table is split on the question, but if everyone in your group agrees (or even if they don't), reach out to groups around you.  *Don't forget to turn in your journals to the box*

Topic: (you have options) 
1. It's harder to be one gender over the other. 
2. People make a conscious decision to be good everyday. 
3. If no one was capable of holding in or filtering their own thoughts, how would the world be different? 
4. Make your own. 

1. Talk about your masterpiece and probably make a blog post about it. 
2. Essay consultations. 
3. Dr.Preston will probably assign the Huxley essay to be due on Monday