Wednesday, March 11, 2015

masterpiece consultations: round 1 notes

Here are my notes from the first round of Masterpiece Consultations.  Some of your topics have evolved, so please take a moment to review your piece and make sure I got it right.  Please also take a moment to skim everyone else's topics/needs/wants and comment to this post with questions, suggestions, resources, and introductions.  Together, we are smarter than any one of us!  Mahalo.

  • topic:  guitar/music (& possible link to nature-- maybe through Joey's project, or the Yosemite trip and Laura/her students?)
  • needs: inspiration, collaborators
  • wants: to express and evoke timeless feelings through music
  • topics: 
    • 1) researching qi
    • 2) sleep paralysis & astral projection
  • needs: research design & data as appropriate
  • wants: 
    • 1) to model a positive alternative to being a disenfranchised cynic
    • 2) to invent an alternative to "choosing the best of the worst" life plans (college, family, working in a cubicle)
  • topic: gap year journey to Africa
  • needs: books/articles on Africa, introductions to people in Africa, media/fundraising advice, time
  • wants: to "put God on trial" by testing/investigating the world in an attempt to satisfy my own curiosity about the way things are

  • topic: biomechanical engineering
  • needs: research, case studies, mentors/advisors
  • wants: to help people without limbs
  • topics: 
    • 1) starvation
    • 2) neurology of sleep
  • needs: access to food banks, distribution, articles/research
  • wants: to feed the world
  • topic: neurology of racism
  • needs: resources, neurologists
  • wants: to learn about racism
  • topic: 
    • 1) time travel & the butterfly effect
    • 2) family medicine
  • needs: study parameters, opening question
  • wants: to make connections with people
  • topic: "a different story" -- alternate narrative structure
  • needs: research into writing and story
  • wants: to design something new
  • topic: music and children
  • needs: to develop "wood drum activity" for kindergartners; materials; budget/fundraising
  • wants: to share inspiration through music
  • topic: documentary on people pursuing their passions
  • needs: access to subjects, filmmakers, resources; budget
  • wants: to tell inspirational stories we don't get via mainstream media
  • topic: art of the year
  • needs: a way to curate
  • wants: to accomplish something that I can see all the way through
  • topic: immortality/ learning from ancient civilizations and people
  • needs: contact at Getty; people to go; resources on Ancient Greece & Rome
  • wants: "for people to understand where I'm coming from and realize it's OK to stop and look back, and to take our history more seriously"
  • topic: technology
  • needs: sites/online resources; access to computer history museum; contacts at Google, Samsung, Intel, and/or Apple
  • wants: constant innovation, and new inspirations/ideas/visions for technologies that will benefit society in the future so as to guide career choices
Erica & Dani
  • topic: shifted from micro evolution to music
  • needs: collaborators
  • wants: to share a positive message and explore the uniting features of sharing music
  • topic: Special Olympics dance event & soccer game/ July world games
  • needs: people, volunteers, money
  • wants: to create sustainability for events & insight on how to most effectively present
  • topic: curriculum with a sense of humor
  • needs: camera, time, coordinated shooting & production schedule
  • wants: to experience connections with people through humor and learning
  • topic: fashion
  • needs: new blog, models, clothing/sponsoring designers &/or boutiques
  • wants: to help people understand and manage their outward appearances
  • topic: happiness project (started with comment on Edgar's blog)
  • needs: responsive applicants, money/help with budgeting
  • wants: to make people happy 
  • topic: bringing a cosmopolitan sense of civilization to a small community
  • needs: t-shirts, mentors, dance organization
  • wants: "to have my dream come true"
  • topic: music
  • needs: lyrics, time
  • wants: to explore music
  • topic: architectural design & residential remodel
  • needs: introduction to Mark Cabrinha
  • wants: to explore how environments make us feel
  • topic: why do so many people not live their dreams?
  • needs: introductions to sports agents
  • wants: "to be my dream"
  • topic: homelessness
  • needs: introductions to homeless people & service providers
  • wants: to help the public see this issue through others' eyes
  • topic: reading by generation
  • needs: to talk with librarian in Guadalupe
  • wants: to share love through reading
  • topic: narrative/story design
  • needs: to learn about story structure 
  • wants: to create a wearable concept album (i.e., something that other people can enjoy through watching, wearing, using, or experiencing-- one of those things that you just have to pay attention to all the way through)
  • topic: building a game computer
  • needs: materials
  • wants: to learn through building electronics--"to build myself as I create something tangible in the world"
  • topic: animal rehabilitation
  • needs: contacts in the field
  • wants: to learn more about it
  • topic: to provide opportunities for teens in Santa Maria
  • needs: people, time
  • wants: to give young people a greater chance of success
  • topic: traveling as a rite of passage
  • needs: time
  • wants: to share love of outdoors by providing skills that aren't found in classes-- how to bring yourself to nature and document what it's like to live in that environment
  • topic: the search for Stoke
  • needs: "got a car, surf racks & a board so I'm pretty set"
  • wants: to tap into the universal source of Stoke
  • topic: connection between your identity and your interests; how who you are shapes what you care about (and vice versa)
  • needs: a plan
  • wants: "to connect with true north"
  • topic: love
  • needs: people, mentors, stories
  • wants: to change my outlook on life
  • topic: golf club business
  • needs: introductions to business mentors (such as Doan Winkel)
  • wants: "to start on a path I can travel for the rest of my life"
  • topic: teaching American history
  • needs: to learn a period of American history well enough to teach it; to study greatest teachers
  • wants: the experience of teaching a course
  • topic: spreading appreciation of nature
  • needs: time to backpack; ways to present
  • wants: to change one person's perspective, and to pursue a degree in environmental science
  • topic: healthy living through early dance education
  • needs: young students, research on mind/body
  • wants: to learn and share patterns/habits of living life in a healthy way
 Yun Soo
  • topic: orchid business in Korea --> "travel as a means to understanding"
  • needs: to meet new people, grow awareness of business and relationships
  • wants: "to inform the way I think about the future"
  • topic: Memorial Day Weekend Yosemite trip
  • needs: $100 deposit from participants, fundraising plan, & program collaborators
  • wants: to share Yosemite with others in a meaningful way
  • topic: learning about ourselves & world around us through connections with animals
  • needs: 
  • wants: to help others be their best selves without being judged
  • topic: a world without hate
  • needs: resources, people, time
  • wants: to get past "the wall" and see people as fellow humans with feelings and desires
  • topic: technology in the modern world
  • needs: mentor, coding resources, experience
  • wants: to figure out how computers work on the inside in order to determine where our culture is going with them on the outside
Jhaicelle (
  • topic: femininity in fashion and leadership
  • needs: access to people, resources; time
  • wants: to create a world in which women feel welcomed, needed, and inspired to assume leadership positions
  • topic: exploring racism in politics and religion through journalism
  • needs: interviews, link to expository comp blog, research
  • wants: "to cure biases that make me and the world sick"
  • topic: using our minds to achieve the improbable
  • needs: resources, research
  • wants: "to learn about something I actually want to learn about"
  • topic: investigating, questioning, and challenging censorship
  • needs: to begin
  • wants: to ensure that authorities can't arbitrarily restrict what we think, feel & express
  • topic: in pursuit of Flow
  • needs: research
  • wants: "to not settle; to reach beyond and give myself something greater to strive for"
  • topic: seeing "the amazing" through other people's eyes
  • needs: 
  • wants: to capture meaningful moments in time through photography
  • topic: cookbook for people with Lupus
  • needs: access to Photoshop
  • wants: to publish
  • topic: baseball
  • needs: more knowledge of managerial styles (starting with Don Wilson)
  • wants: to continue legacy
  • topic: fashion
  • needs: mentors (met one at a funeral!)
  • wants: to create a marketable blog
  • topic: health clinic & one-week soccer camp
  • needs: collaborators (Rushdi? Imanie?)
  • wants: share passion with others, especially children
  • topic: science camp
  • needs: mentors, resources, time
  • wants: to help kids
  • topic: career in medicine
  • needs: mentors to observe in surgery
  • wants: to help people behind the scenes
  • topic: music and collaboration
  • needs: to continue developing composition and relationships
  • wants: to create a song that connects people whether they know each other or not
  • topic: to become a more effective support system for others
  • needs: to learn what others are doing
  • wants: "to learn about myself through helping others and being a part of everything"
  • topic: the psychology of serial killers
  • needs: research
  • wants: to try and answer the question, "How could someone DO that?"
  • topic: neurology/ experiment in Alzheimer's (students to interview patients and self-assess risk)
  • needs: existing research, protocols for research on human subjects
  • wants: to spread awareness, embark on a search for the cure
  • topic: synesthesia
  • needs: artists; protocols for effective research on the self/mind
  • wants: to create research material for other people
  • topic: seeing the "amazingness" of the world through the eyes of people I've only just met
  • needs: camera, time
  • wants: to share a perspective on the world through photography
  • topic: ending world suck by re-imagining teens
  • needs: connections with teens (introduction to Izamar); game plan
  • wants: to go out with a self-directed bang instead of an oppressed whimper
  • topic: raise awareness and reduce stigmas associated with the use of psychedelics
  • needs: platform for information-sharing
  • wants: to open minds to facts over propaganda
  • topic: go outside --> video
  • needs: people to go outside with him
  • wants: to create relationships through shared experiences that lead to memories
  • topic: comm/unity through basketball
  • needs: resources, mentors
  • wants: to understand my life through basketball
  • topic: chronicler
  • needs: time, opportunity to connect with writers
  • wants: to be published
  • topic: human nature (inspired by Woods' "Nullification") & fair government
  • needs: milestones, dates; project schedule; classical texts on government
  • wants: experience in thinking about this for future application
  • topic: Who are we behind the facades?
  • needs: resources, Elizabeth
  • wants: to find the good in other people
  • topic: high school transformation video
  • needs: participants/contributors; transformative pics and videos; to "get deep" & research growth and change
  • wants: to help everyone end high school in a happy, content, successful way
  • topic: spread medicine to the Third World
  • needs: resources, Albert Schweitzer bio, doctors to interview, time
  • wants: to give back to the world by helping people in need become happier and healthier
Ashlyn (thank you! :)
  • topic: body image/ video
  • needs: resources, online survey, research data on the impact/s of making fun of someone's body
  • wants: to help people look more positively at themselves and others

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