Wednesday, March 11, 2015

brave new themes

Here is a list of your ideas for the theme of Brave New World:

  • Imperfection is the basis for humanity.
  • Warning: Don't ignore your inward feelings, lest our society turn into the World State.
  • Make conscious decisions and don't let society dull your ability to do so.
  • We always have choices in life; in the Brave New World, the choice (and the consequences) are perfection and truth.
  • {The limit, as efficiency approaches infinity, of humanity} = mechanized society 
  • Don't sacrifice your individuality in pursuit of societal acceptance
  • We can't obtain perfection without the loss of our humanity
  • Those who don't conform are the only ones who can see conformists not making choices
  • The true human condition isn't artificial
  • The dangers of attempting perfection with the influence of progressive science in society
  • Conformity isn't worth the loss of humanity and individuality
  • The use of technology through society is detrimental
  • What is the role of opinion vs. the role of conformity in society?
  • The search for identity can be lost in the need for acceptance
  • It's easier to be part of society and part of their label than to be an individual and be considered an outcast
  • The concentration on perfectionism can lead to anti-progressive aspects within the human race
  • Too much progression and technological advancement can lead to man turning off his humanity in favor of reaching perfection and social utopia
  • The need for individuality will always outweigh the need for social conformity
  • The human condition is to take the easy way out leading stable lives of unconsciousness instead of dealing with its ups and downs
  • Years of conditioning has led society to create people like good on an assembly line

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