Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blogs and Projects

                It is no mystery that a lot of us do not take our education seriously. We know it and Dr. Preston knows it.  It is sad because our education gives us a lot of opportunity for us to succeed at what we want to succeed at.  But it is only there for who wants to take it.  I think all of us want each other to succeed but when we see someone else not try we find it easy to follow.  Today in class we agreed that we need to solve this problem so that we can finish high school with the idea that we actually accomplished something in this world.  This class gives us the opportunity to do this.  All we have to do is hold each other accountable and take it.
                So, we have agreed on a two-step program to accomplish this.
1)      April 1st all blogs will be looked over and judged on QUALITY by other students.  It is okay if you are missing some things or if they are way past due date, just as long as it looks like QUALITY effort was put into it from NOW until April 1st.  Things relating to your masterpiece will count towards this QUALITY judgement.

2)      Co-operative group projects that build interdependence and accountability between each other…  Bridgit will have more on this.

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