Friday, February 6, 2015

yosemite collaboration

This morning I spoke via Skype with Laura Ritchie, LeeAnne Del Rio, & Mark Cabrinha.  Check it out below.  Comments welcome!


  1. Just watched your conversation and I was going to just email this to Laura but I wanted all four of you to know…

    It is so touching to see such care for learning. We are extremely lucky there are people/teachers like you. If everyone had even an ounce of the ambition you show and share so much could happen. By doing the good things you are doing you (intentionally or unintentionally, perhaps both?) inspire others to follow in your footsteps of desire to make something happen, which is just absolutely brilliant to watch. The way you speak inspires and excites me to want to teach/help more and more and more because sometimes seeing something replenishes your own passion.

    I could not stop smiling to myself in Laura’s lecture the other day because I just found it so wonderful that we were all discussing how to teach.

    Thanks Laura for making such a cool degree :)

    It is you guys who restore faith in the world that there are good people who want to make a difference. The inspiration you create inside your learners gives them the much needed confidence to follow their path. Thank you for doing what you do.

    I am immensely grateful for what you are doing and feel so unbelievably privileged to be a part of it.

    Also did Mark say something about a school doing the ‘yes’ idea for improv stuff? I got given the Yes Man book a few years ago and have been meaning to read it ever since! It’s a brilliant concept though and teaches it’s good to take chances, which is always a good lesson, a few woops regrets in life are going to get you a lot further than never experiencing anything…

    Really looking forward to all the things to come! :D


  2. I watched this and really enjoyed the whole conversation! Mama Del Rio was AWESOME. I think that we could look into Indiegogo to raise funds and give perks for donors reaching a certain mark. I bought something from a campaign off of that site an everything went seamlessly. I wouldn't mind being in charge of that :) I'm excited and am here to help with whatever we need to get this together!