Tuesday, February 3, 2015

february 3

Today is the 3rd.  My grandmother's "lucky number" is 3.  Do you have something in your life (a number, a place, a stuffed animal) that you consider symbolic?  Why?  How did this take on special meaning?  If you don't have something lucky, why not?  Just because, or do you think this sort of thing is superstitious? 

1. Journal
2. Please use this period to catch up on loose ends: work for this course, work for other courses, or (under the circumstances) connecting with friends and/or getting yourself organized for the rest of the week.
3. For those of you who feel ready, I will post the Great Expectations essay prompt next.  When you write it, please do so on paper and give yourself no more than 50 minutes.  I will collect the essays at the beginning of class on Monday, February 9.

1. Catch up on anything you need to catch up on, including sleep.

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