Tuesday, February 17, 2015

february 17

Given your thoughts on the interviews over the weekend, and your personal perspective, please comment on the following quote:

Those who merely know about things, or only think they know, live in a state of self-conditioned and culturally conditioned somnambulism.  Those who understand given reality as it presents itself, moment by moment, are wide awake.
-Aldous Huxley, Knowledge & Understanding (1952)

1. Journal
2. Discussion: journal + video interviews
3. Lit terms #5 quiz
4. Check out Brave New World (please be sure to bring your I.D. or a schedule with a bar code on it)

1. Read the Introduction/Preface to Brave New World (*Note: you are welcome to read as fast and as far ahead as you like; as a class, we will be doing a scheduled close reading beginning with Chapter 1 tomorrow.  Please bring your book to class each day.)
2. Study & post definitions/remixes for lit terms 6 by Friday, 2.20

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