Thursday, February 19, 2015

february 19: i've been stolen

What elements of our current culture do you consider utopian?  What elements do you consider dystopian?  What elements do you think are undesigned?

1. Journal
2. Since I'm stuck here
3. I'm asking you to self-study the foreword and Chapter 1 in groups or as a class (each period's choice).  Please answer these questions for the Foreword:
  • What is Huxley's perspective on sanity?  How does this relate to participation in social order?
  • What is the "third option"?
  • Why does Huxley refer to Churchill's use of "the iron curtain"?
Please also use those time-honored literature circle roles to analyze Huxley's writing: vocabulary/lit terms, connections with outside ideas/other media, research on the author/publication of the text, and plain ol' wicked good writing.  (If you can think of other important roles, please feel free to include them as well.)

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