Wednesday, February 18, 2015

february 18

Here is the translation of the epigraph to Brave New World:

Utopias seem to be much more achievable than we formerly believed them to be. Now we find ourselves presented with another alarming question: how do we prevent utopias from coming into existence? …Utopias are possible. Life tends towards the formation of utopias. Perhaps a new century will begin, a century in which intellectuals and the privileged will dream of ways to eliminate utopias and return to a non-utopic society less “perfect” and more free.”

Please interpret the epigraph and explain whether or not you think the logic is valid.  Why do you think Huxley chose this text to serve as an "appetizer" for a novel that is arguably a full meal of Utopia?

1. Journal
2. Chewing on the Epigraph & Foreword
3. Courtney (whose brother was born 100 years to the day before Huxley) sez: let's watch a show

1. Read Chapter 1 of Brave New World.  Take careful notes on anything you see that: a) strikes you as significant to the theme, plot, tone, or characterizations in the novel; b) exemplifies any of the lit terms you've learned so far; and/or c) is extremely well-written.

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