Thursday, February 12, 2015


As we move toward implementing our Masterpieces, some of you will need to think about budgets for the resources you need.  Since money is tight and college is on the horizon, fundraising may well become an important part of our conversation.  The Yosemite trip has provided one good example for this, and (as you can see from the #dplitcomp Twitter feed) our friends in Britain have already begun.  As this develops it may well present a chance for us to raise funds to help everyone.  In fact, today at 10:30 we will Skype into Laura's class because they are meeting with a fundraiser from the Royal Trust-- she has raised something like $40M, and we all stand to learn something valuable.  Next week we will discuss this in class and have a lunch meeting for those of you who want to participate directly in a crowdsource campaign, events, and other efforts.  For now, here is an immediate opportunity for those of you who participate in campus clubs or teams (Sadies is March 14 from 8-11 PM):

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