Thursday, April 2, 2015

OSL Madness

Today in periods 5 & 6 we discussed the OSL Madness idea and agreed upon the following ideas:
  • Votes for brackets will occur in rounds, each round lasting a day.
  • Judging criteria is based on the content (quality over quantity), organization, and aesthetics (beauty aspect).
  • To vote you must comment, constructively, to both blogs that you judged (could be as simple as saying this is why I did/didn't choose your blog. 
  • Everyone will need to create a blog post entitled: BLOG FEEDBACK, so that everyone has a place to post comments to your blog.
  • One possible prize for the winner a free domain.
  • There's also the suggestion of consolation brackets and subsequent prizes.
  • First round voting polls will open starting Monday morning and ending Monday night, with next bracket on Tuesday etc...   
Obviously, nothing is set in stone yet. Any other suggestions are welcome in the comments. There will be a post tomorrow with all of the final details.

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