Thursday, April 30, 2015

kudos: april

Congratulations to the following students on their college admissions and scholarship wins!  Congratulations also to those students who have chosen where they'll be going next year.  You look good in the driver's seat.

If I've missed anyone, or if something wonderful happened for you over the break, please either put it up in class or comment to this post.

Shenaya: Admitted to Georgetown University School of Foreign Service; Admitted to School of Field Studies Summer Program (Kenya); Admitted to Cal Poly Pomona
Lupita: Admitted to CSULA Honors College
Jisu: Admitted to Cal Poly SLO
Victoria: Attending UCLA
Sophia: Attending UC Riverside
Millie: Attending UC Santa Cruz
Matthew: Attending UC Merced
Aaron: Attending UC Merced
Kurt: Attending Cal Poly SLO
Bridgit: Attending UC Davis
Danielle: Attending UCLA
Alyssa: Attending CSULB
Hikaru: Attending UCI
Edgar: Attending CSULA
Omar: Attending Cal Poly SLO
Elizabeth: Attending Cal Poly SLO
Ephraim: Attending UCSB
Jayce: Attending UC Riverside
Naiomi: Attending UCLA Luk
Chase: Attending WVCC
Alec: Attending UC Santa Cruz
Megan: Attending CSU East Bay
Alexus: Attending AHC
Jose: Attending ASU
Lilly: Attending Cal Poly SLO
Miles: Attending CSULB
Haley: Attending CSULB
Sierra S: Attending CSULB
Jacob: Attending Cal Poly SLO
Lukas: Attending US Air Force Academy
Tia: Attending CSU East Bay
Sierra B: Attending SDSU
Stevie: Attending UCLA
Courtney: Attending UCLA
Mellany: Attending CSU Channel Islands
Daniel: Attending Cal Poly SLO
Jordan: Attending Cal Poly SLO
Melissa: Atending SDSU Honors College

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