Wednesday, April 15, 2015

april 15

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Ice Cream Man" by Van Halen; "'S Wonderful" by George Gershwin/performed by Ella Fitzgerald]
Last night my daughter got me thinking about ice cream cones.  Describe in detail your most memorable ice cream cone moment.  (AP style-- i.e., think plot structure, characterization, theme, tone, etc.)


Describe the initial characterization of Lady Macbeth.  How does Shakespeare establish a sense of her character through the words/terms she uses, through her reaction to the witches' prophecy, and to Macbeth's letter in general?

1. Journal
2. Act I quiz
3. Discuss Act I Scenes iv-vii
4. Begin Act II

1. In a blog post entitled LOVE IS BLIND (or, if you're a Billy Joel fan, YOU'RE ALWAYS A WOMAN TO ME), explain the difference in the way Macbeth sees Lady Macbeth and how the audience sees Lady Macbeth.
2. In a post entitled WHAT ABOUT MY MASTERPIECE? please comment on your progress this week, and comment on the fact that Shakespeare had all day every day to write but that you have to work yours in between your other endeavors.  Friday we will discuss project and presentation requirements as a class, so get your ideas ready.
3. Create a character map for Macbeth and post to your course blog.

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