Monday, April 13, 2015

kickstarting your masterpiece fundraising

There is a Kickstarter campaign for the Yosemite masterpiece, and the first contribution was from someone outside our community for $105.  Any $ over the Yosemite budget will go toward other masterpieces, and college scholarships, and resources for next year's course, etc.

Check it out here.

And please consider this advice from digital marketing expert, campaign sponsor, and friend-of-the-course Nik Koyama (after the jump):

If you really want this project to move, as I've requested, please ask your classes to do this for a CHANCE to win extra credit: (or specified students if you don't want to blanket market)

Pick a category:

Professors of College
Authors/Researchers of innovation

Once they've picked a category, their job is to find players inside that category with over 1k followers on twitter, and tweet the Kickstarter project to them. The way to obtain extra credit is to receive a "retweet" which they must show you to collect.

Eventually, and theoretically, 100 kids all tweeting in the same fields should cause buzz. Give them a goal too (if we get 40 retweets from players 1k followed and up - USE HASHTAG #DontYouQuit SO WE CAN KEEP TRACK, then no vocab test on Friday - or whatever)

Also show them what a proper tweet is -

Wrong: Hey @dpreston check this out! #DontYouQuit link.....

Right: Hey @dpreston, here is open source learning in full effect - maybe show your kids? #DontYouQuit link...

Customize. Customize. Customize.

This is how the Kickstarter project will get funded - through twitter.

Thanks for listening!


  1. Twitter implementation is one easy source to get a kickstarter going. I agree with the idea, maybe I'll try it.

    1. Oh yes please try it! :D Yours and anyone’s input however small is a MASSIVE help. You’d be doing a great thing and be making LOTS of people happy - including me! All we can do is try :)

      IzzI - student from England going to Yosemite