Wednesday, August 27, 2014

journal topics august 25-30

I blame England.  And the precious few corporations that control our access to the Internet.  For the past two days I have tried to post journal topics, and-- after finally thinking I'd succeeded-- I learned that the posts didn't publish.

So, here in all their glory are the journal topics for this week.  Hope you're all getting caught up.  Thanks for treating the sub kindly.  See you Monday.


(Tuesday, August 26)
Reflect for a moment on your study of Beowulf. Summarize the knowledge you have acquired, summarize your research/thought processes and experience, and list any questions you have.

(Wednesday, August 27)
Given what you've learned about the first heroic epic known to be composed in English, and how it reflects the culture/values of its times, nominate an epic story from our times that will be remembered as an emblem of this culture in two thousand years. Explain your choice.

(Thursday, August 28)
Those of you in the on-the-ground course have all seen the sign: "There is glory in the attempt." Describe how this idea applies in your life.  Season your answer by reflecting on the evolution/remix of English and the stories we tell.  How does your understanding of the same idea change as you age/mature/gain more experience?

(Friday, August 29)
Does language merely describe reality or does it create a sense of reality? Do speakers of different languages just use different words to describe the same things, or do they actually think and see the world differently because of the language they use? Explain your answer.


  1. Thanks for this post, I was wondering about these. Darn Brits! Hope you're having a great time!

  2. I believe we have already been assigned two of these prompts earlier in the weeks we've been in school. Do you want us to write about them once again?

  3. Yikes! I typed from memory in a hurry... If you're right, here are a couple alternatives: 1) draw two dots and a line on the thumb of the hand you don't use to write. Now that it has a face, ask it what life is like at the end of your arm. 2) Write a scene of displacement in which Beowulf finds himself in a bar arguing with President Obama and a conservative of your choice.

  4. Thank God! I've spent my Sunday looking for your new school year blog. I will never forget my experience. I wont forget how mortified I would be to walk into class because I never knew what to expect! The lectures were my favorite and I've been so greatful for old vocab lists! :) My blog is still up and I will continue to do NaNoWriMo this November. With that being said, please announce it !! :) I'm always an email away! Thanks for everything DP!!