Monday, August 25, 2014

august 25-30

Thanks to everyone for your feedback Friday!  Per our conversations, this will be the agenda for each day this week.  I will post a new journal topic for each day.  If I've forgotten anything in #2 please comment to this post.  Have a great week!  Next agenda post will be from "across the pond."


Does language merely describe reality or does it create a sense of reality? Do speakers of different languages just use different words to describe the same things, or do they actually think and see the world differently because of the language they use? Explain your answer.

1. Journal (If you're feeling particularly collaborative you can hum something in concert as a class-- but don't get distracted from the topic or your half-page.  *Bonus if anyone captures the moment on video & posts.)
2. Break into groups and work on what you find most valuable: the art of hosting good conversations online; the elements of heroism, storytelling, and language in Beowulf; literature analysis #1; Fox in Sox and "This Life is Your Life" videos; your blogs; or [what am I forgetting? please comment].
3. Please do a quickie audit by period and make sure everyone's commented to the literature analysis posts (I think we're close; if we're still missing a few, please help 'em so you can go over questions together in class on Tuesday.)

1. Tie up loose ends.
2. Post to your blog about your day in independent learning.  Title: MY UNIVERSITY

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