Thursday, May 7, 2015

period 6 masterpiece calendar

As we discussed during class today, it's time to sign up for the Masterpiece Academy.  In order to give everyone the opportunity to be at their best, please sign up in a comment to this blog post for the date you'd like to present your Masterpiece.

Please include:
  • the date
  • how much time you'll need
  • presentation materials
If you have any questions about the work itself or how to curate, please email or schedule a chat offline.

Looking forward!


  1. We would like to do ours Tues. May 26. We'd like a whole class period and we're still debating on how we want to present but it will involve our blogs and pictures

  2. I'm thinking of doing mine on May 22. Time: Maybe 15-20 minutes long or so. Presentation Materials: The big screen

    1. We don't have school 5/22, does 5/21 work?