Sunday, May 10, 2015

may 11

JOURNAL TOPIC: [Today's tunes: "Mother" by Pink Floyd]

Yesterday many of us celebrated Mother's Day, which was made a U.S. National Holiday by Woodrow Wilson 100 years ago.  Did you observe the occasion?  How do you show gratitude or affection to your Mom the other 364 days?  (If you want to de-personalize the topic: Why do so many public figures thank their Moms on camera so much more often than their Dads?)

1. Journal
2. Independent work: please use the time to work on your Masterpiece/presentation or review for your remaining AP exams

1. If you're attending class Tuesday please plan to bring everything you'll need to work on your Masterpiece
2. Please comment to this post with any literature (prose or poetry) suggestions for discussion circles.  I will augment the menu and we'll make some choices on Wednesday.

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