Wednesday, July 30, 2014

why shakespeare (still) rocks

It's not just that he wrote better than all of us combined.  It's that he managed, somehow, to make iambic pentameter sing such basic truths that they are just as important to everything we care about today, half a millennium after he lived.  For example: What's in a name?


  1. Re: the article, I'd like to throw out a question to whoever sees this comment:

    Do you like your name?

    Please respond and explain :) I'll go first.

    I happen to really like my name a lot (which is why I'm asking this question, because I wonder if it's just me, or do others feel the same way?). I like that my name isn't too common (I've hardly ever had to deal with "wait, you mean me Lisa or the other Lisa?"), but not obscure (at least in my home country/culture), even if it is a little dated (I've noticed that more of my friends' mothers are named "Lisa" than my friends). I'm also very grateful that my name contains only Latin vowels instead of what I affectionately call "stupid English vowels" (okay fine, the "a" is actually a schwa, but how many people even know what a schwa is?), so as far as I'm aware, my name translates significantly more easily than the average American name. So, I have several objective reasons to like my name, besides the fact that I really do just "like" my name in the more subjective sense.

    What about you guys? I'm interested to hear what you have to say :)

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Although my name is a very common Latin-American name, Guadalupe, I really do like it, especially because of the story behind it. The story is that my mother prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe, she is a VERY religious woman, and promised to name me in her honor if I was born a female. And I was, it's not a big thing, but it makes the name special to me. (: I also like it because of the varying nicknames that go along with it, Lupita, Lupe, Guada, etc.

      I also really like my last name, Pliego, it is definitely VERY unique and almost nobody has it. I also find it rather funny when people mistake it for things like pillow, or Diego. But anyways, my first name is special because of pre-birth reasons, and my last name for being strictly different. (:

    2. Hello!

      I have stumbled upon your question and I actually really want to answer! My name is said like J-cell... To be honest my mother is it bit crazy and repetitive on how she named me and my brothers. My whole name is Jhaicelle Ann-Marie Gan Laron. My 15 year old brother's name is Johnuel Anthony Gan Laron and my 9 year old brother's name is Jhenry Alexander Gan Serrano. At least,my brothers got their names from their dads and get an explanation. My brother Johnuel's name was made up of our dad's name, John. I guess one day they got a letter in the mail with it spelt like, Johnuel, and they liked it enough to name their child that. My other brother Jhenry got his name because my step-dads name is Henry and of course my mom liked the letter J, so she had to put it in there. She also had to be constant with our middle names such as Ann-Marie, Anthony, and Alexander. Not that we already didn't have enough letters in our name she had to put her madden last name in all our names, Gan. Safe to say I am not doing that in the future to my own children, but I do like the letter J. So enough of my history... WHAT WAS THE QUESTION AGAIN? Do I like my name? I like my name because it is different, unique, and everybody knows who I am when they say Jhaicelle because there is only one. I don't like my name because whenever I meet a new person (teacher, friend, etc) I have to correct them or help them (gets annoying) and when I have a substitute I have to know where my name is on the role-call so I can immediately raise my hand and help them out. I also do not like my name because I can never get anything with my name on it, so as a child i did not get a mug, keychain, or bracelet with my name on it AND I am a little bit bitter about on not getting a Coke with my name on it (Boohoo right?) I also don't like my name because whenever writing it on the computer it gets a little red line underneath, HELLO it's my name it's not spelt wrong! To end it on a positive note and not bash on my name anymore, I think if I wasn't named Jhaicelle I don't think I would be the person I was today and I can't see myself being named any other name.