Tuesday, July 15, 2014

remembering to balance-- and go outside

According to this article, "There is a growing disparity between the time kids spend indoors wired to technology and the time they spend outside enjoying nature. The vast majority of today’s kids use a computer, watch TV, or play video games on a daily basis, but only about 10 percent say they are spending time outdoors every day, according to a new nationwide poll from The Nature Conservancy."

With one month to go until school officially begins, I have a tendency to "ramp up" and think about  drastically shifting time allocations to achieve goals.  Years ago I wrote a book about time and I think about it a lot, but often I don't take my own advice and I get stressed out.  Re-reading the study about nature reminds me how important it is to balance work/tech time with relationships and things as simple as going for a walk (my dog Brewster is staring at me in full, impatient agreement).  As you'll see in upcoming posts about Open Source Learning, I learn just as much as anyone else in the process--and one thing I've learned is how easy it is to get stuck in front of a computer screen.  I've been at mine for over two hours and it's only 6:30 A.M. (and I'm supposedly on vacation).  So, more on this later; I'm taking Brewster to the beach.  He likes the idea.

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