Monday, July 14, 2014

why i'm an alec mcfarland fan

How do we know when we really know another person?  Each of us has many sides, facets, and dimensions, and we are constantly growing.  Social media appears to be a window into our thinking.  It gives us a chance to share our perspectives, our interests, and even the people we know in common. 

I think I've met Alec in person one or two times-- however, to be perfectly honest, the brief encounter/s were in the midst of a crazed spring semester and I don't remember them very well.

However, I have clear sense of his commitment and his thinking online.  So far he's the only 2014-2015 student to reply to answer the question: Will this blog see tomorrrow?

He has asked some brilliant Big Questions:

And in doing these things he's inspired me and established himself as a thinker I look forward to learning with and from.  Thanks Alec!

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