Monday, December 1, 2014

december 1

***Congratulations on finishing your college applications!***

Last week most of us ate too much, so:

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["Junk Food Junkie" by Larry Groce; "Whole Foods Parking Lot" by DJ Dave; "Alice's Restaurant Massacre" (abridged) by Arlo Guthrie]

Your friends invite you to a fancy restaurant in San Francisco for your birthday-- all expenses paid!  The waiter brings you a soda, calls you "sir" or "miss" and hands you a menu.  With horror you discover that each dish consists of insects and road kill in various states of decay/disembowelment.  How will you handle the situation? (Careful: if your friends eat here, they must be zombies/foreign agents who are trained to deal with this sort of thing.  They may turn on you if they consider you rude.  You can't just leave.  If you don't eat you'll have to talk your way out of it in a way that doesn't raise suspicion.)

1. Journal
2. Why I busted a reporter on Twitter
3. Hamlet: the grand finale as a function of theme, tone, plot, & characterization
(period 4 will be Victoria's show)

3. Semester portfolios and status/writers' conferences
4. A word about 5PH1NX

1. Take inventory on your semester/blog
2. If you haven't already started, you should be working on Literature Analysis #3. All literature analysis work for the semester should be complete by Friday, December 12.

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