Member Blogs

This is where we will list every network member's individual blog/s. You can see the Class of 2014's here, the Class of 2013's here, and the Class of 2012's here.  If you peruse each link, you'll see that everyone-- me included-- has gotten better at this over time.  If that trend continues it stands to reason that the Class of 2015's work will be the best yet.  As soon as you create a blog please email the URL to

Antonia Arredondo:
Siera Betts:
Ashlyn Bishop:
Daniel Black: 
Mellany Cunningham:
Naiomi Desai:
Omar Dominguez: 
Brenissa Flores: 
Henry Freebourn:
Susel Garcia:
Michael Hall: 
Annie Heisler:
Noah Hernandez: 
Matthew Hollinger:
Hannah Hurd:
Eric Jackson: 
Miles Jorgensen:
Shailynn Joseph:
Judith Lee: 
Alec McFarland: 
Jose Mierzejewski: 
Lillyana Navarrete: 
Alyssa Oh: 
Imanie Patel: 
Courtney Reyburn:
Ephraim Rodriguez:
Sierra Sanchez:
Lukas Sheckherd:
Elizabeth Smith:
Melissa Sobczak:
Jordan Tomooka:
Victoria Tonascia:
Taylor Wall: 
Alec Wilson: 
Stevie Wisz: 

Millie Angulo:
Yesenia Beas:
Will Dowell: 
Chrystal Dulay: 
Terry Franklin: 
Sophia Gomez:
Chase Hugh: 
Tia Jones:
Haley Kestler: 
Jhaicelle Laron: 
YunSoo Lee: 
Jeff May: 
Laike McFarland:
Bridgit McLaughlin: 
Eric Montero:
Lupita Pliego: 
Sean Rebaldo: 
Val Richardson:
Connor Rickman:
Edgar Rodriguez:
Megan Stevens: 
Haley Stowe: 
Stephanie Villalovos:
Taylor Williams:
Jisu Yoon:

Jayce Alegre:
Bianca Aleman:
Joey Buelow: 
Danielle Cadena:
Jared Dube:
Marcel Dube:
Lillian Edmonson:
Kurt Gabriel:
Tyler Hollum:
Hikaru Kasai:
Aaron Laflin:
Matthew Laflin:
Anaya Navarro:
Erica Paculan:
Gianni Rasgado:
Bailey Reasner:
Breanna Rodriguez:
Shanaya Stephenson:
Jacob Sussex:
Cameron Walker:
Alexus Wilson:


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