Wednesday, June 10, 2015

High Five Guys YouTube Channel

Hey guys,

So after doing my masterpiece with Emilio Mierzejewski and getting help from Eric Montero and a few others, we decided that we wanted to start a YouTube channel dedicated to short comical films. We probably won't have much coming out soon just because of graduation events and summer trips, but we hope to get some films done to start growing in popularity. After having so much fun with the masterpiece and hearing the good reviews, I thought about doing more of this and it seemed like the right thing to do more of what I'm passionate about. I'll include a link to the videos we've done so far to give you an idea of what our future films may be like. The channel is called High Five Guys and can be found here. It is a very young channel so give us time to grow! Thanks guys! Congratulations graduates!

-Miles Jorgensen

Lost Dog - YouTube
Inglorious Greetings - YouTube


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