Tuesday, November 4, 2014

presentations on acts I & II

"We chose the scene where Hamlet acts all crazy and talks to Polonius.  We chose music and elements of humor to make the ideas more accessible and easier to understand." -Naiomi

"We intended this remix to get attention through humor, so we included intentional errors in continuity, soundtrack features, and allusions to other works." -Miles

"We tried to condense the first two acts into action, and infuse some humor to make it more accessible." -Imanie
"And, since the language in Hamlet is so flowery, we made it a silent film so the viewer wouldn't be distracted." -Hannah


  1. The day you posted this, I realized that you spelled my name wrong. As you always say, there's a Hamlet in all of us. I knew I had to correct it somehow but to take action was a little difficult. I didn't know what to do. I finally decided to take action and correct it! People misspell it all the time! In fact so many times, that if someone does get it right, I get surprised! But here's the correct spelling: Naiomi Desai. I'm the Naiomi with an extra "I".