Wednesday, May 28, 2014


If you just went through registration and you're on the blog for the first time, welcome! This is the place where you will get all the information you need for the course. We will also be using it as a one-stop online stop for collaborative opportunities, additional online tools, and asynchronous idea-sharing in general.

Please bookmark the URL and follow the blog so that you will receive updates automatically instead of having to check back all the time.  If you don't know your way around blogs or the Internet, have no fear-- this year's seniors and even some of last year's are planning some get-togethers before June to help, and you also probably have friends/relatives who can help.*  (*Working with each other to do a task and achieve shared goals is the definition of collaborationCollaboration is not cheating.  The AP curriculum will also require you to demonstrate your individual mastery of close reading, literary criticism, and written organization and expression.  Don't even think about cheating when you know it's cheating.)

Your senior project is YOU and it begins now.  In the next couple weeks seniors have offered to provide more of an introduction to the experience. In the meantime, please feel free to post any questions or comments here, email to, or stop by room 608 and introduce yourself.  Sapere aude.  I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Preston

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  1. Looking forward to helping a new batch of students. Let me know when anyone needs a little help, i'll do what i can.